How to Unblock Your ATM Card: A Comprehensive Guide

An ATM card is a convenient way to access your bank account and withdraw money, but sometimes, it can get blocked due to various reasons. Here are the different ways to unblock your ATM card:

Automatic Activation of ATM Card

Sometimes, the bank may unblock your ATM card automatically without you having to do anything. This happens in the following cases:

  • Temporary card block: If you enter the wrong PIN three times in a row, the bank may block your card temporarily for 24 hours. After that, it will be automatically unblocked.
  • Expiry of old card: If your old card has expired and the bank has issued a new one, the new card will be automatically activated and the old one will be blocked.
  • Security reasons: If the bank suspects any fraudulent activity on your card, they may block it for security reasons. Once the issue is resolved, the card will be unblocked automatically.

Requesting Bank to Unblock the ATM Card

If your ATM card is blocked for any other reason, you may have to contact your bank to get it unblocked. Here are the different ways to do it:

  • Bank application: You can visit your bank’s branch, or use their online banking or mobile application to request the unblocking of your card. This is necessary when you have blocked your card permanently, or if the bank has blocked it due to suspicious activity or for any other reason.
  • SMS: Some banks provide a specific format for unblocking your card through SMS. You will have to provide your debit card and account details in the message. However, this option may not be available if your card has expired or if the bank has blocked it to issue a new one.
  • Call: You can call your bank’s customer service from your registered mobile number and provide your card and account details to unblock your card. However, this option is also not available if the bank has to issue a new card.
  • Online banking: You can request the unblocking of your card through your bank’s website or mobile application by raising a ticket.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, there are multiple ways to unblock your ATM card. However, if the bank suspects any fraudulent activity, you may have to visit the bank in person and submit a valid ID proof along with a form to get your card unblocked. It is always better to keep your ATM card safe and avoid any suspicious activity to prevent it from getting blocked.

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