The number of new cases of Covid-19 in India has gone down from 1,248 to 1,247 within the last 24 hours. India continues to see critical rates of infection with Covid-19. Tuesday saw 1,247 new cases reported, while on Monday 2,183 people in India became infected.

India registered a sharp drop in cases of Covid 19 virus today. While 2,183 fresh infections were reported in the country on Monday, 1,247 new cases and one Covid-19 death were reported Tuesday. 4,01,909 tests were conducted during the same period.

The positivity rate in the daily and the weekly sense is 0.31% and 0.34% respectively at present

As of 8 am on Tuesday, there are 11,860 active cases in India.

Meanwhile, India’s cumulative coverage of Covid-19 vaccination has exceeded 186.72 crore

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