The government aims to implement a unified branding strategy for subsidized fertilizers across the country. The intention is for all bags of subsidized fertilizer to prominently display the name “Bharat” and mention the subsidy scheme. However, this move may have implications for manufacturers and could lead to political consequences.

The Scheme Overview

The Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers announced the implementation of the “One Nation One Fertilizer” scheme. This scheme introduces a single brand for fertilizers and a logo under the fertilizer subsidy scheme called the “Pradhanmantri Bhartiya Janurvarak Pariyojna” (PMBJP). Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the scheme during the “PM Kisan Samman Sammelan 2022” event on October 17th.

The objective of the One Nation One Fertilizer (ONOF) Scheme is to standardize fertilizer brands throughout the country, regardless of the manufacturing firm. It includes various types of fertilizers such as DAP (di-ammonium phosphate), NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium), and urea under the brand name “Bharat.” The scheme aims to enhance transparency and affordability of fertilizers for farmers by eliminating black marketing and consolidating all brands under one umbrella brand.

Advertising Guidelines

Under this scheme, companies are allowed to advertise their name, brand, logo, and relevant product information on only one-third of fertilizer bags. The remaining two-thirds of the bag space must prominently display the “Bharat” brand and the logo of the Pradhanmantri Bharatiya Jan Urvarak Pariyojana. This ensures that the unified brand is given priority and helps farmers easily identify subsidized fertilizers.

Implications and Considerations

The implementation of the One Nation One Fertilizer scheme has both potential benefits and challenges. While it aims to streamline fertilizer branding and reduce confusion for farmers, it may disincentivize manufacturers who have established their own brands. The political impact of this scheme remains to be seen, as it may have implications for different stakeholders involved in the fertilizer industry.


The One Nation One Fertilizer scheme strives to standardize fertilizer brands across the country under the name “Bharat.” By promoting transparency and affordability, it aims to combat black marketing and provide farmers with reliable and subsidized fertilizers. While the scheme presents opportunities for greater efficiency, its impact on manufacturers and the political landscape requires careful consideration. The successful implementation of this scheme will contribute to the overall development of the agricultural sector in India.

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