As per reports on Twitter, Pakistani cricket captain Babar Azam is all set to get married in December. Ahead of a crucial match against Bangladesh in the ongoing ICC Cricket World Cup 2023, Azam has grabbed attention for a surprising reason. Sources close to OneCricket revealed that Azam spent a significant sum of seven lakh rupees on a designer sherwani, a traditional Indian attire, for his upcoming wedding.

This unexpected move has caused a stir, considering the Pakistani team’s arrival in Kolkata just a day before their match against Bangladesh. Such wedding shopping during a crucial tournament is rare for a captain and has led to raised eyebrows and potential controversy within the cricketing community.

The wedding is scheduled for later this year, adding to the unexpected nature of Azam’s extravagant purchase. It is reported that Azam bought the designer sherwani from the well-known Indian designer boutique, Sabyasachi, famous for their exquisite bridal and groom attire. Additionally, he is said to have invested in a considerable amount of jewelry from a reputed jewelry-making company while enjoying the comfort of a luxurious five-star hotel.

With the wedding arrangements in full swing, Azam’s relatives are actively involved in the preparations. The timing of his wedding shopping, amidst the high-stakes international tournament, has sparked discussions about his focus. Babar Azam’s journey through this World Cup has become all the more intriguing, with attention drawn to both his stylish wedding preparations and the performance of the Pakistani cricket team.

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