Why Dubai Should be Your Top Choice If You Want to Work in the Childcare Industry

Dubbed by Fortune magazine and CNN as the richest city in the world, Dubai is undoubtedly a land of opportunities. Because of the growing and emerging economy of this emirate, it is not surprising that it has been home to thousands of expatriates from different corners of the world.

In the past couple of decades, Dubai empowered its financial services and tourism sectors, resulting in a blossoming economy. The emirate generates at least 56% of the GDP of the whole United Arab Emirates (UAE) in 2008, making it a key emirate as far as economic growth is concerned. Due to its healthy economy, Dubai has become the epitome of cosmopolitan living in the Middle East. Furthermore, the emirate is home to vital financial institutions in UAE, including the Dubai Securities Exchange, Central Bank of United Arab Emirates, and key multinational corporations.

As an Australian who is weighing on the idea of moving to UAE to establish a new career path, you may wonder whether or not Dubai is your most practical choice. In order to answer this pressing question and before you go enrolling at CACHE in Dubai, you may want to learn more about the advantages this emirate can offer you.

Healthy job market – Economic growth results in diversified and healthy job market. Since Dubai has solid and continually growing economy, its job market is among the most diversified in the world. Entrepreneurs and business visionaries from different parts of the world are investing on the emirate because of its promising economic growth. Hence, if you choose to move to Dubai, you should not have a hard time finding a job, most especially if you have skills and experience that are currently in demand. Whether you are a skilled worker, academe person, or business professional, you may find it easy to start a new career in the emirate.

Cosmopolitan lifestyle – Due to its emerging economy, the once barren and overlooked emirate has now become home to diversified and rich culture. In some respect, the emirate has become the centre of Middle East’s evolution for fashion, cuisine, hospitality, and tourism. If you are used to cosmopolitan lifestyle, you will never feel homesick in Dubai. In recent years, Dubai has become synonymous with progressive and comprehensive lifestyle and culture. When you arrive in the emirate, it is easy to observe that the lifestyle in Dubai is comparable to key cities in Western countries. Therefore, if you are a fan of sophisticated and cosmopolitan way of living, Dubai will be an interesting choice to start a new life.

Sophisticated way of living – Decades ago, nobody thought that Dubai will become a great emirate it is today. Once deserted region, Dubai has become hub for cultural evolution, cosmopolitan lifestyle, and sophisticated way of living. This is apparent with the world-class hotels and lavish resorts and tourist spots found in the emirate. If you are a big fan of luxurious lifestyle, you can easily adapt to the culture and lifestyle of Dubai. The emirate is home to some of coveted Formula One (F1) grand prix like Etihad Airways Dubai Grand Prix. It is likewise home to the gigantic indoor theme park Ferrari World Dubai. Furthermore, if you are inclined to luxury vehicles, such as Rolls-Royce, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Maserati, you can never go wrong with Dubai.

Dubai has been home to many expats – from neighboring countries and cities to Asian and Western countries. In recent years, the population of Australian expats in the emirate has increased. Since Dubai has a solid economic growth and diversified job market, it has become a natural option of Australians who want to start a new career in the Middle East.

However, before you go packing your bags and contacting CACHE in Dubai, you may want to know more about this marvelous emirate. Doing your research is one thing, and asking your friends or former colleagues who are now living in the emirate is another.

Author Bio: Reza Irani Kermani co-founded Black Pearl Capital with Abbas Jafarian in 2007. Reza Irani was formerly on the board of the Albert Abela Corporation and Sogeres SA, being one of the youngest executives ever to hold such positions.

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