What is a check valve? How it functions?

Check valves depend on the flow of the liquid through the pipelines. Unlike the globe valves, they have a spring attached to them, that helps in the horizontal flow of the liquid and moderates the horizontal flow of the liquid through the pipelines. The check valves are easy to fit in compared with other valves and they also regulate the flow of the liquid through the pipelines in addition to switching on and off the flow of the liquid. The pressure that is built on the spring decides the flow of the liquid from one pipeline to another, without any hindrance. This can be done by proper designing of the springs of the pressure valves.

Working of Check Valves:

One of the differentiating features of the check valves are that all the components are in direct contact with each other, without even the flow of any fluid through the check valves. When there is less amount of liquid flowing through the pipeline, there is a minimal amount of liquid that passes through the valve and cross it to reach the other pipeline. When the pressure from the liquid rises, it results in the increased flow of the liquid from one pipeline to another. This knowledge helps in designing the check valves, so as the right spring pressure matches with the right flow of the liquid through the valve. Also check this http://camtechcaststeelvalves.me/.

Advantage of Check valve:

  • The reverse flow of the fluid from one pipeline to another is restricted as the spring pressure is the working mechanism of the check valve.
  • The drop in pressure is very less as there is the flow of liquid through the pipeline which decided the spring pressure. There is no movement of heavy valves, unlike globe valves.
  • The check valve serves to be a system for backup in the oil and gas industries.
  • Application in case of both horizontal and vertical pipes.

Disadvantages of the check valve:

  • In the case of pulsating systems, the check valves become dysfunctional and can cause a hazard.
  • The springs used in the check valve can be reactive with the liquid or the fluid flowing through the check valve. Thus, it can cause further reactions and accidents.
  • Chances of excessive wear and tear are more compared to the other valves used in operation.
  • Determination of the open or closed condition of the valve is tough to be determined since the parts are all present within a closed pipeline system.

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