Top 5 Features to Look For In a New Microwave Oven

With less time among everyone, nowadays it has become essential that kitchen appliances should be advanced, which would help in making things easier. Most of the time is spent in a kitchen is with cooking or reheating the food. But now with a microwave, the things had been easier and more convenient. Microwave can make many of the kitchen work simpler. If anyone is taking the microwave, then it should fulfill every requirement of the kitchen. Different types of microwave are available with different features, but it’s best to see these 5 top features before buying a new microwave

  1. The potential of cooking – There are many features in the microwave which cut the time of cooking and make it hassle-free. If anyone is purchasing a microwave, then look for the microwave with the feature of convection and extra grill. In convection through the fans, which lead the moment of hot air, inside as well as around the microwave. With this, the food made through roasting, as well as baking, can be prepared at its best. With grill feature, the food can be grilled to crisp and brown with yummy taste. Usually, grill takes a lot of time, but with this, it can be done quickly.
  2. Built-in settings for cooking – There are some of the dishes which have been programmed in this setting. It is easy to cook as the items need to be put inside the microwave and then apply the setting. A temperature setting, as per the need, will get set automatically on their own. In some of the microwave, there is a built-in setting to defrost. So, it becomes very easy to defrost the food item in it and then prepare the same in the microwave.
  3. Capacity and size – The capacity of the microwave should be as per the need of a family. There are different sizes of microwaves available. The microwave capacity should not be considered from outside. Instead, it should be measured from inside that how much food could be made. The food that could be prepared will be sufficient for the family.
  4. Electricity consumption – Higher the wattage, food will be cooked faster. There are certain dishes which require high temperature. Mostly the food items require at least 800 watts to cook the food properly as well as evenly. The wattage which comes in a microwave, range from 600 watts to 1200 watts. So choosing the right wattage is utmost necessary to prepare all kinds of dishes in it.
  5. Automatic Sensor – Now, many of the microwaves are coming with the feature of a sensor. In this, the microwave stops automatically when the sensor feels that food will get cooked properly. In this, the food will not get overheated, undercooked, or overcooked.

Microwave can make life much simpler and working in the kitchen easier. Most of the dishes can be made in the microwave within no time as compared to working on the cooktop. But it is essential to choose the right features in the microwave that could help in making the best use of it.

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