Top 4 best schools in Nagpur 2020

Nagpur has recently seen a majority of developments in the recent past and so have the educational institutions in this city. Let us have a look at the top ranked ones for 2020-

International School of Scholars – For over last 15 years, International School of Scholars has been imparting quality education to its students. The motto of the school is,We touch the future! And they surely have delivered on it given that is the only school that has introduced world class education system to these kids in central India. The school is located at Wanadongri,Nagpur.

St. Xaviers High School – Having consistently been ranked among the top, St. Xaviers High School believes in imparting quality education in both academics and extracurricular activities. The school has state of the art facilities with spacious classrooms and large playgrounds. It is affiliated with CBSE curriculum till class 12th. This school also offers ews admission seats.

New English School, Nagpur – The school is one of its kind following the Maharashtra State Board and is among the best schools in Nagpur. The school has a more innovative approach towards learning by using creativity and project based activities. The student experience the space to grow and not be buried under academics. The school also encourages Research and INnovation in Science and has truly made learning fun.

Radcliffe School – Located at NIT Layout, Ring Road, Radcliffe school is a co-educational institution with a CBSE affiliation. The main motive of the school is to prepare them for competitive exams IIT, Medical Entrance and SAT so that they can start early. Along with the curriculum, the school has also put emphasis on art, music and theatre. Learning through vision and practical applications such as field trips has also been time and again promoted by the school activities specifically.

I hope the above list helped you to find the best one.

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