Portable Scanner Advantages & Disadvantages

Portable scanners are a huge rage, what with them being small and petite and easy to carry around in your bags wherever you go! These scanners offer a lot of features, including instant scanning and printing of the material at hand. They are life-savers if you know how to use them, right! But does that mean they have no drawbacks? Well, that isn’t possible. Let’s look into some of the advantages and disadvantages of these devices-


  1. One of the most annoying things about having to deal with files and loose papers when you’re working on a school project or a work document is that they tend to get lost or misplaced. With a portable scanner, you can scan every document you need into your phone or laptop, and travel light with all your work and important files inside your bag! Not only does this help you prevent carrying around bulks of paper, but it also keeps everything you need organized and in one place!
  2. If you have to make copies of a document, you can scan it in your portable scanner, and forward the document to everyone it is required to be filled by, via email or other social media. The forms or documents can then be filled or accessed from every individual’s electronic device.
  3. When you have a portable scanner to scan a document into its soft copy and send it around virtually, you are saving your energy and efforts. This can then be used to boost your efficiency at your workplace.
  4. When your efficiency is boosted because of the lower effort you need to put into paperwork; you save a significant amount of your time too. You can use this saved time to do something other things you need or want to do!
  5. Portable scanners help in projects and assignments of students because they can use both prints as well as scan! The money spent on one equipment works as two. It is as amazing as it sounds!


  1. They are not easy on the pocket. Although it works as both a printer and a scanner, the cost of buying one portable scanner is almost equal to buying one printer and one scanner separately. They even cost more than a regular old printer for a desktop!
  2. Spending that kind of money on a small device is not the best option for everyone. Since most of the portable scanners available in India perform printing and scanning through the same slot, both these jobs cannot be done simultaneously. If you purchase two separate devices (printer and scanner), they can work on their own at the same time.
  3. The resolution of scanners that are specialized for that purpose only is much better compared to portable scanners. This is because the quality of the output is sacrificed when the size of the product is reduced. Even the print speed of a mobile printer is 20ppm compared to a portable printer scanner, which only runs at a mere 5ppm.

Make these important considerations before buying or even thinking about buying a portable scanner. You may change your mind after reading this list!

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