Mixer Grinder 500 Watts Vs. 750 Watts: Which is better?

When purchasing a mixer grinder, many may wonder why it is available in different wattages. If you want to purchase a mixer grinder that is ideal for your kitchen, then choose a one that comes with appropriate wattage. First of all, it is important to know what is watt and in what wattages the mixer grinders are available.

The kind of engine and the speed of mixer grinders are denoted by the word watt. However, there are three different watts available that are 500 watts, 500 to 750 watts, and 750 watts. The entry-level or basic model mixer grinders are available in 500 watts. The most popular or decent level grinder is available in 500 to 750 watt. The high end or most advanced mixers are available in 750 watts.

After knowing what wattage is in general, now we can move to the next part that is which mixer grinder watt should you choose. Let’s see it below

Which one should you prefer 500 or 750 watts?

The motor

The rotational motor speed of the mixer grinder is known as rpm. Therefore, if the rpm is high, the grinding time is less. If you want to grind items with high speed, then the 750-watt mixer is perfect. In a 750 watt powered mixer, you can also load much stuff and mix it with high speed. However, with 500-watt mixer grinders, you can grind items only at low speed.


If you are a buyer with the budget, then the 500-watt mixer is suitable as they are available at affordable rates. The 500-watt mixers run at a decent speed that helps you to save energy. However, most of the new mixers available in the market are 750 watts. As many customers prefer the 750-watt mixers, they are manufactured more.


For efficient grinding, the 750-watt mixer is suggested. The motor and quality of the 750-watt mixer are excellent, and they also provide greater grinding results. The performance of any mixer depends on the quality and build of the machine. Whether it is 500 or 750 watts, it is important to check whether it is made up of durable and strong items. In some cases, it is also possible that the 500-watt mixer may perform well than the 750-watt mixer.


Most of the people, when choosing a mixer grinder, their main criteria are the model and the design of the appliance. However, the 750 watts mixer is available more in the market. The 500 watts mixer is not available in various designs and models. If you want to buy an attractive mixer, then the 750-watt mixer may be suitable. Many manufacturers are slowly shifting to the 750-watt mixers as it is preferred by most of the buyers.

Therefore, it is visible that though 500-watt mixers are famous, companies produce the 750-watts more due to the customer’s preference. However, if saving energy and price is the main factor for you, then you can choose the 500-watt mixers. If you prefer a high-end mixer, then the 750-watt mixers are suitable.

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