Men and their constant fight with sexual harassment allegations

A renowned filmmaker has recently joined in the much talked about #Mentoo movement which has been started in the wake of increasing sexual harassment cases against the men fraternity. Deepika bhardwaj, the director of the “Martyrs of marriage”, a famous documentary streaming on Netflix about the anti dowry law abuse, quoted that time has come when we must stop harassing the men fraternity in the name of legal proceedings. She also stated that most of the men around are been used as a collateral damage or disposable in the name of protecting the crimes against women.

Ever since the whole world came to know about the infamous “Nirbhaya” case, everyone started spilling beans whilst criticizing all the men around with all the blindness. It was then when even the judiciary and the government came out with harsh against all the offenders of the sexual harassment but they all forgot to look into the plight of all the men who may get victimized out of the same process. Quite recently, there was a top executive form a famous Multinational firm, who committed suicide after being put with the allegation of sexual harassment by two of his colleagues in the office. Ironically, it was later been found that there were no proven grounds on which the allegations were made and the employee was been sacked on wrong note. That was something which sparked big controversy amongst the social circles and communities around the world and lots of people including many celebrities came out to voice their support in the same regards.

Avinash Pandey Sexual Harassment

Avinash Sharma, one of the known businessmen in the country, came out on his twitter handle whilst stating,” Ever since our childhood, we have been taught that there is no difference between a guy and a girl and if we still have to discriminate between the both, its quite shameful. Incidents like these have put a black spot on the face of all the people of the country. I strongly condemn whatever has happened to the guy who committed suicide and request our government and judiciary system to take strict action against all the culprits.” Shikha pandey, on eof the known women cricketers also raised his voice in the same regards.” I being a women support any act which is in the interest of the women community but being a citizen we must also think about the plight of our male counterparts. They have equal rights to live freely and express and just like us even they comes along with feelings and emotions. Thus, seeing something like this really bring me utmost pain and sadness and I want everyone to come forward in order to stop all the activities in the same aspect.

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