How does a sewing machine work?

Our world could be a completely place without sewing machines in it. It is available as a very useful piece of technology that is used at homes, commercial places as well as industrial places. It is definitely one of the innovative innovations by us that is very easy to use and effective in many ways for us. With the invention of modern sewing machines, the manufacturers and brands are able to produce high quality and stylish clothing items at a very low cost. Because of it, most of the people are able to afford finely stitched andhigh quality clothing items that were considered as a luxury about 200 years ago.

Here, we will take a look at the working of this useful and remarkable machine in a simple way. However, you should know that there are hundreds of different models of sewing machines available in the market and you will find variety in the designs as well as working of these machines according to its use for residential, commercial or industrial purpose. You can check out the information about different parts and working of the sewing machine below:


It is definitely the main part in the machine that is used for sewing. The design of the needle is different from your hand sewing needles that you must be using at your home. In this needle, the hole is at the lower end that is used for thread. The needle moves in up and down a direction that pushes the thread loop in the fabric layers.


The shuttle is another part of the machine that holds Bobbin and it rotates in sync according to the movement of the needle.The bobbin is also attached to this part of the machine. In this part, a hook is also used to grab the thread to provide it for the needle.

Tension disc:

As you know, it is necessary to hold the fabric and thread security when you want to make tight stitches to the cloth. To hold the thread security, the assembly is available that is known as tension disc. It is one of the important parts of the machine that is adjustable according to the fabric that you are going to use in the sewing machine. These are the different parts of the sewing machine and the working on it is quite simple for the user. However, there are several other kinds of machines are available in the market that can be used at a bigger scale for heavier work of sewing. Some of these machines are used in the big industries where the manufacturers work on the different kinds of fabrics to provide the clothes and dresses for the customers in the market.

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