Hot Water Bag: Uses, Benefits, and Side–effects.

Are you looking for an easy and affordable way to relieve pain? If yes, then your answer is a hot water bag, which is a natural and fuss-free way to relieve pain.

A hot water bag is similar to a container, which is made of rubber. The bags are filled with hot water through an opening and closed by a stopper. This filled hot water bag it is used for warmth and for local application of heat on the surface to relieve pain or discomfort. Hot water bags are preferred over other methods to create heat, as no electricity is used.

Uses of a hot water bag

It is can be said without a doubt that hot water bag is for pain relief. They are widely in usage these days, due to the number of application they offer. Hot water bags are available in various sizes; hence based on personal use you can either buy portable electric hot water bag or a big one.

Top three uses of hot water bag are as follows:

1.    Menstrual cramps: are you one of them who dread that time of the month because of cramps. And tried everything under the sun and yet haven’t experienced much difference. If that’s the case, your solution is a hot water bag. Application of heat water bag to lower parts of the abdomen can help relax the uterus and increase blood flow towards it, which in return ease cramps and reduces pain.

2.    Back pain: are you, somebody who suffers from regular back pain, then investing in a good hot water back bag is recommended. Hot water bags work exactly as heat therapy. Applying heat in the form of a hot water bag to the pain can relieve the discomfort. Heat is perfect for reducing cramps and muscle spasm.

3.    Reduces pain in areas like neck and head: today our lifestyle is such that we spend the majority of our time working in front of a laptop or computers. Prolong usage of such electronics can result in headaches or neck pain. Applying a heat pack in the form of hot water bag is a safe and natural way to reduce the discomfort.

Benefits of a hot water bag

1.    In addition to reliving pains, a hot water bag placed in your bed makes for a comfortable night. Hot water bags can be used to feel warm naturally especially during chilly winter nights.

2.    Hot water bags are very useful for reliving a sprain caused while playing sports.

3.    Cold and flu can result in pain; using hot water bag is such situations can help you get through it.

Side effects of hot water bags: Hot water bags are fairly safe to use, but avoid filling it with boiling water. Since hot water bags are made of rubber, excessive heat can cause the bag to melting and break, which may  result in injury. Apart from this long exposure to heat can result in rashes. Hence, take necessary precaution to reap full benefits that a hot water bag offers.

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