Air Fryers Vs. Deep Fryer: Which is better?

The debate as to which is better the Air fryer or the Deep fryer should have been triggered by your love for fried foods like French fries and pastry and probably because you are contemplating whether to by a deep fryer or an air fryer. There is no doubt that both of these appliances can yield crunchy food that is quite tasty. However, there are certainly significant differences that have to be considered in order to make a well-informed decision.

The significant aspects


There are low end and high-end deep fryers on the market. While the high-end models are endowed with a number of cook-friendly features like removable oil tank, adjustable temperature/heat control, automatic timer, cooking pre-sets, oil filters, etc. You would notice that the features are proportional to the price of the appliance. However, even the basic model of air fryer comes with convenient and simple on/off switch and touch operation. The additional features you can look for in pricier versions include easy-clean materials or recipe books.


The deep fryers are usually bigger than air fryers. This is despite the capacity because there is no need for food to be dunked into oil in the case of an air fryer. As mentioned earlier, though the air fryers may seem compact, you will be amazed that there is enough space for a decent amount of food to go in for cooking. However, the deep fryers generally require greater counter space or a storage area.

Cooking time

There is no doubt that to get tasty and crispy food, you would have to let the food cook for a considerable period. But, the deep fryers cook food at a faster rate once the oil is heated up. However, air fryer typically takes a long time because the food has to be cooked using hot air instead of oil until it is crispy.

Healthy cooking

As far as healthiness is concerned, Air fryer scores high on this count. It is because studies have shown that air fryers cook food using very little oil (usually 70% less ) when compared to the deep fryers. This reduces the risk of development of carcinogens in the food, which is found to be linked with the deep-fried food that is typically cooked with a large amount of oil. Similarly, when deep-fried and air-fried French fries were compared, it was found that the air fried French fries were of low calories than the deep-fried ones with other factors such as crispiness and taste remaining the same.


The maintenance is simple in the case of an air fryer since very little oil is used for cooking food in an air fryer. The deep fryers typically require the use of a lot of oil for cooking. This means that they usually need a long and laborious cleaning process. Most of the deep fryers come with twin chambers. This again means extra cleaning effort. Additionally, there is also the job of draining and filtering the oil after every use in the case of a deep fryer.

Last but not least, you can get a deep fryer at a meager price unless you are looking for one with high-end features. However, the base price of an air fryer itself is quite high, and it gets greater depending on the cutting edge technology that is used in the manufacturing process. However, air fryer would be a better buy.

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