4 Popular Dating Apps You Can Check Out

In spite of all the advancements on the technological front, the concept of dating has hardly undergone a change. You are going to interact with people and begin the game of dating if the sparks are known to fly high. But if you compare in details the dating app needs some significant changes. There are no flagship products that are not that good. The experience in any case is frustrating but some of them are really good and deserve attention. Now let us flip through the list of popular dating apps that have been a craze in the last few years.


This is one of the dating apps in the market that is posed to shake up things. A notable feature is that women are in a position to initiate chat first as she is going to have 24 hours, and then a man can respondto her within those 24 hours. This is one of the viable platforms to get rid of creepy people though some may argue that it would really become difficult for the male people. With the help of this app possible matches can be found out.

Clover dating

In the domain of dating this ceases to be a traditional dating app. Just search for people in the hope that things work out. It does provide you with an opportunity to meet and interact with people. Like other apps it allows you a free chat. In fact you can go on to create a profile and others can watch it. For somewhat platonic relationships this works well. As the app is not that popular, you might not find it grabbing a lot of eyeballs. But in case the reviews are on the positive side.


It is a local dating app with a lot of takers. With the aid of GPS people, who are close to you, can be found. This is achieved with varying degree of success based on where you reside. Just about any dating app this is not going to serve you well if there is hardly any local presence. In case if you are not going to gain tons of matches you might probably leave it behind. This app matches you with people who reside in your area at an automatic level.


Another location based dating app with a simple, colourful and easy to use features. Across all major platforms it boasts around 100 million downloads. The original intention of the app is to meet up with people in your region. But if a certain level of comfort is reached you can go on to meet the people. Though a major drawback of this app is fake profiles and this is a major concern. This makes it difficult on identifying which is genuine and what works out to be a fake one. But still people recommend the use of this app.

To conclude, be it any type of apps, apart from their original website, the best place to download them would be 9ap platform. This is user friendly and in a few steps downloading can be achieved.

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